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When a reservation is made, by telephone or in writing, and accepted, a contract exists between the Guest and the guesthouse. If for any reason the reservation is cancelled, in full or in part, a breach of contract exists. The guesthouse reserves the right to cancel a booking on any grounds it feels are necessary and will honour no liability by doing so. However the guesthouse will make every effort to find alternative accommodation for the guests, but it is not bound to do so.


Giving at least 7 days notice will have deposits returned in full, with no deductions. For shorter periods of notice, the guesthouse retains deposits.


Where notice of cancellation is received within 7 working days of the first reservation date, then the following conditions apply. The Guesthouse will make every effort to re-let the accommodation, and therefore reduce the likely losses for the Guest.

If at the end of the reservation period, despite the efforts made by the Guest House, the accommodation is not re-let, then the Guest House is entitled to claim damages which reflect the losses incurred as a result of the cancellation. This is the value of the reservation; less any re-let value achieved and deposits already paid.